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Healing Fellowship Learning

Dedicated to a lifetime of Spiritualism

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Kevin Martel


Our Speaker 

Sunday, June 19/22 @ 10:30 am EST

Kevin Currently lives in Georgetown and spends a lot of time north of Owen Sound on his farm looking after his partner of Thirty years, Kevin credits his faith in Spiritualism for providing strength and patience in dealing with his partners ongoing health issues due to a severe car accident 16 years ago

Kevin became a member of the Spiritualist Society of Burlington over a decade ago, after his first heart attack and near-death experience fifteen years ago. He started searching for answers to questions about what he experienced during this event. Kevin has been sitting in developmental circle and attending workshops to gain a better understanding of spiritualism and mediumship over the past eight years and started providing the Sunday Service inspirational conversation five years ago. Currently Kevin is working towards become a Minister with the Spiritualist Church of Canada and looks forward to working with Spirit for many more years.

Our Sunday Services

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We offer a service every Sunday

Every Sunday at 10:30 am est we have a one-hour service.

It was made for one hour with the intention of not losing the interest of our congregants.  When people's minds start to drift and wander during a service, the service has lost its inspiration. Due to this after one hour congregants leave still freshly inspired.  Also, it seems that for one hour in the morning does not generally disrupt personal day plans for anyone.  

Coffee hour follows our Divine Sunday Service

Let's be honest a Sunday service cannot be complete without a munch and schmooze.  So from approximately 11:30 am - to 12:00 pm we open the Zoom gallery room for everyone to chat.  We did this through covid and found the people connection was very important so, it continues.  Feel free to grab your cup of tea or coffee or water and "have a wee blether" (have a wee chat).  It's always so good for the soul.

Speakers from around the world

The Healing spirit often will have speakers and mediums from around the world.  Often they are from Scotland, England, the USA and Canada.  This offers not only a variety of styles of presentation but also brings a wide range of views within Spiritualism.  It is so refreshing and uplifting to be able to be with someone in another country, all the way across the pond in no time!   No light needed, no travel, just log in and we are all together!

Virtual Divine Sunday Services 

When the pandemic hit we decided to take our congregation virtually.  Being virtual has been noticed to have its benefits.  You can remain in the comforts of your own home, there is no travel time to a service location, and there is no travel time back home.  There is no looking for a parking spot or slipping on ice (have to mention that due to being Canadian).  No matter how you feel, whether you are not able to get a ride, or you simply feel like just not going out of the house that day; we are still here for you and there is no need to dress up.  Just show up and simply be.

So how do we keep the personal aspect of the congregation going if we are virtual?

We thought you would ask that!  

Now that the requirements for socializing are more at ease and so many people have been vaccinated we will be planning quarterly in-person seasonal gatherings.  So, one for the New Year, one for the spring season, one for the summer and finally one for the Thanksgiving season.

This is still in the planning stages but our thoughts are to have on these special days the following;

Sunday Divine Service (1.5 hours)

      This service will be a bit longer so we can offer Spiritual Hands-On Healings in-person

A meal together 

Desert while we have a special All Message Service (1 hour)

Social gathering afterwards

If you have any ideas to add to our brainstorming we would absolutely love to hear from you!

Contact us through our "Contact" page on this website.

We will get right back to you as soon as possible.