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Rev. Tammarishka

Spiritualism; A Science, A Religion and A Philosophy

History of Spiritualism

In the 19th century, the beginning brings us to the Fox sisters, Margaret (Margaretta Fox and Kate Fox (Catherine).  Their cottage home was in Hydesville NY.  Their experiences began before they were teenagers.  On March 31, 1848, their experiences began with rappings.  It was discovered through the rappings used as a method of communication with a spirit they were actually communicating with a peddler in spirit.  

The fox family, in the beginning, were from Belleville Canada.  They then moved to Hydesville NY in December 1847.  They had another sister named Leah who married and later developed her own mediumship abilities and resided in Rochester NY.  Through the curiosity and excitement of others locally, the railway, post mail communication the ability to spread the word of the Fox sisters' experiences and the happenings within the Fox family home.  The travels of Kate, Margaret, Elizabeth and their mother in 1854 - 1855 spreading the word brought forward more interest in Spiritualism in Canada.  This is also when Kate met Susan Moodie a writer who was extremely interested in the Fox family experiences.

Spiritualism was taking on momentum in Montreal, Toronto, London, Ottawa, St. Catherines and Bloomfield.  Then in 1850 Spiritualism moved into the USA and then finally the U.K. Britain in 1852.

Due to WWI Spiritualists began to create organizations and churches to commune.    Now there are the following church organizations with which other organizations and churches are affiliated to:

Canada:  The Spiritualist Church of Canada

B.C. Canada:  International Spiritualist Alliance

United Kingdom: S.N.U. Spiritualist National Union

United Stated:  N.S.A.C.  NationalSpiritualist Association of Churches

Canada:  S.R.I.C. Directory of Spiritualist Organizations in Canada

In 1931 Census Canada show an astounding increase in those who claimed the identity as Spiritualists.  It is believed due to WWI and the influenza pandemic.  Over the years those who identified as Spiritualists fluctuated but not significantly as they did in response to WWI and the pandemic.  

Across Canada, in 1995 there was a great resurgence in the participation in Spiritualism.  This began to then influence some very prominent people like the Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Why the Sunflower?

The Sunflower "Helianthus Annuus" is from Latin meaning 'sun' and 'flower'.

Bringing the meaning of its name Flower of the Sun.  

The sunflower also is seen to greatly resemble the sun.  The sunflower always faces the shining sun almost in a way of admiration.  Their faces bask in the glowing warmth of the sun and their faces follow the sun as it crossed the sky to set.  This also represents dedication, the being drawn to the warmth and the glow from above with devotion.  

They constantly seek the light, to stand strong, and hold their faces up to the light, with admiration and pleasure.  

Scientifically it has been found when the sunflower is young is when it follows the sun to its fullest ability.  When mature its following eases and in a sense becomes set in its own way.  In many ways like people.

When young we have bright shining thoughts.  We are driven and devoted to what we understand and believe.  When we are older we become more set in what we believe and are more set in our ways.

1892 The Spiritualists at the Cassadaga Lake Free Association (Lily Dale) made their seal a sunflower as part of their Constitution and bylaws created in 1892 and which were formally adopted in 1893.

1928 International Federation of Spiritualism made the sunflower its official emblem.

"As the sunflower turns its face to the light of the sun, so let Spiritualism turn the face of humanity to the Light of Truth"

The sunflower is also known for its strong structure.  This represents the belief of Spiritualist and Spiritualism that strength is needed to demonstrate kindness, understanding and peace to the brotherhood of humankind.  Often sunflowers will care for each other and protect each other from treacherous weather.  In Spiritualism, we believe we are protected from anything that may inhibit our own spiritual growth and that this forms a strong foundation on which to grow.  This then affirms one's purpose and with reflection how to move forward.  The sunflower has many medicinal properties this too represents Spiritualism and the belief in self-care and the maintenance of personal health physically and spiritually.

Some descriptive spiritual words to describe the sunflower:

  • Loyalty
  • Continuous faith
  • Devotion
  • Consistency
  • Adoration
  • Optimism
  • The sun
  • Truth
  • Reflection 
  • Optimism
  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Hope
  • Peace  

The need to be out in the open, basking in the glow of the sun, feeling the air on its leaves, and on its petals, is very common for Spiritualists to desire experiences of a similar nature.  Spiritualists are very much people who experience everything spiritually and physically to its fullest and enjoy the moment in the moment but stay strong and stand firm in their beliefs.

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What Spiritualists Believe

Spiritualism is a religion, philosophy, and science that celebrates Eternal Life; recognizes that our true nature is spirit, and, as such, we continue to live after physical death in a higher dimension known as the Spirit World. As spirit, we can communicate and commune with one another and those in the Spirit World through the link of love.

Spirit communication is not unique to Spiritualism. It has existed since human beings first walked on the planet and will exist long after our own steps are no longer imprinted in the sands of time. Spiritualism is life itself, here and hereafter, and it exists naturally whether we call it a religion or not.

We practice the religion, we espouse the philosophy and demonstrate the science when proving survival. In other words, we practice and live Spiritualism as a religion. We understand the truth and teachings of Spiritualism as a philosophy. We demonstrate and prove the phenomena of Spiritualism as a science.

As a religion, Spiritualism is both rational and spiritual. It encourages our intelligent and individual search for truth, our personal responsibility for the consequences of our actions, thoughts, and words, and our striving toward love, truth, and harmony. This Religious Aspect accepts God as Infinite Creator, the mother-father God of the Soul and that; the soul is immortal.

As a philosophy, Spiritualism seeks to establish truth as evidenced in God's Natural Law and discerned in the Seven Principles. A philosophy that uniquely bridges and harmonizes the opposing views of science and religion. These philosophical differences are one of Spiritualism's greatest strengths and, paradoxically, also one of its weaknesses. This Philosophical aspect speaks to the blending of higher reasoning, allowing one to attain the perfect whole of its parts.

As a science, it endeavours to demonstrate that spirit manifestations are observable, quantifiable and verifiable. Spiritualism affirms life goes on beyond the death of the physical body, and that continuous existence of the soul in the Spirit World is demonstrated through mediumship. Mediumship, therefore, is the cornerstone of Spiritualism. This Phenomenal Aspect recognizes the divine messages from God to Humankind, either by direct perception awakened in humans or by inspiration from the higher realms of God, being spirits and angelic beings. Spiritualism also teaches Natural Laws govern the universe. These Laws affect the seen and unseen world and all aspects of our lives. Spiritualism also emphasizes the individualism of its adherents by affirming their right to seek the truth in their own way.

But above all, Spiritualism is a way of life.

Spiritualists accept that they are personally responsible for their actions and the results they bring. The central beliefs of; a higher power – God, that the Spirit World is real, that humans survive physical death, and that communication with the Spirit World is a proven fact, coupled with love, unity, equality, service, harmony, and the progress of humans constitutes a way of life.

Spiritualism has no founding prophet, no dogma, creed or scriptures. Since the initial manifestations that marked the advent of Modern Spiritualism at Hydesville, New York, in 1848, to this day, Spirit has continuously revealed itself through the dedicated services of our mediums in order to teach, guide, comfort, encourage and heal.

Spiritualism's foundation is; observable facts, irrefutable evidence and truth, not blind faith, but sound knowledge. The individual search for truth is the prerogative of every Spiritualist. It is a search that requires intelligence, curiosity, discernment, spiritual aspiration and, often, a sense of humour.

As a way of life, Spiritualism engages our entire being in an effort to attain our true spiritual nature, our highest and best, a higher ground from which to live our lives. This is not a simple task. It requires a conscious effort to think good thoughts, to speak kind and loving words, to reach out and help those in need and to act for the good of all concerned. It also means to honour our God-given gifts and share them with others. Essentially, it is to live in joy, give generously, show loving-kindness toward all, appreciate God's creation and be thankful for everything.

Spiritualism addresses the more profound questions of life. For those of you who are willing to live by its teachings, it will open the way to higher levels of consciousness, uncover the hidden treasures of your soul and reward you with the companionship of spirits in this world and the next. It is an exciting journey of self-discovery, self-mastery, service, and fulfillment.

A Science

The 21 Gram Experiment

A Religion

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A Philosophy

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Spiritual Healing

Harry Edwards

Edgar Cayce

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Hands-On Healing

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Distant or Abscent Healing

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Trance Healing

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Meditation in Spiritualism

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