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Healing  Fellowship  Learning

Our Divine Sunday Services are

Every 1st & 3rd Sunday each month

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Direct Sign-In:

988 2271 7909

PW:  Healing

Digital Hymnal

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The Principles

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The Principles of Spiritualism

As we understand...

1. Infinite Spirit, Divine Creator of all that is

2. Unity and equality of all

3. Communication, Guidance and Healing from Spirit and Angels

4. Continuous existence of the soul and its personality

5. Personal responsibility for the creation of our reality through Thought, Word and Deed

6. Actions create results according to Natural Law

7. Eternal progress open to every soul

These our Principles are guidelines for living a Spiritual life according to Spiritualism.  

They are not commandments.  

Spiritualism is not an 'organized', or 'structured' faith. 

Spiritualism does not have any dogma.  

There is no way anyone 'must' believe.

There is no right or wrong understanding of faith.

Spiritualism was based on free-thinking by freethinkers.

With this freedom, we are encouraged to develop for ourselves our own relationship with our Higher Power, the Source, The Divine, God, and Angels.  

What rests well in your heart, with your soul, that is the relationship you are meant to have.  

If what you believe makes you a happier, more content, and a kinder person, then it is right for you.

The Principles are simply guidelines for living a Spiritual life.

They are guidelines for reasoning and clear thinking.

They are tools to help in kindness to one another, for problem-solving, for handling difficult times with another way of looking at things to find meaning, to make sense of the world we live in and in relation to our soul experience.

As we all are Spirit Beings having a physical experience.