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Tibetan Monks in Lily Dale


Monks Opening Blessing Ceremony of the Lily Dale Healing Temple 2022

Every year the Tibetan Monks come to Lily Dale and spend approximately one week within the summer community.  At the start of their stay among other rituals and blessings that they do, they always go to the Healing Temple to open it for the Lily Dale summer season.

The Monks bless the healers and the temple.  Then they receive healings from the Lily Dale Healing Temple Healers.

Healing Temple and Healers Blessing Ceremony / Monks Receiving Spiritual Healings 2018

This is one of my favourite pictures.  This is the 2018 Healing Temple opening ceremony I had the privilege of participating in.  I am the second Healing Temple Healer from the left.  Someone I knew took this picture and actually captured the energy images you see around the monk I am healing and the monk on the far right side of the photo.  This was a very moving experience in so many ways.  Being invited to be one of their healers that day was an honour and privilege.  It is certainly a memory and experience of a lifetime.

Tibetan Monks Sand Mandala 2018

This is the sand mandala that the Tibetan Monks made in 2018.  Every year it is a different design and a different size.  In 2018 the mandala was so large it was made on the Lily Dale Volunteer Fire Department floor.  The process is quite phenomenal to watch.  The patience and discipline they apply while creating their mandalas is something to observe.  They work in silence.  All you can hear is the sound of them tapping their metal sand tools.  They stand side by side, all day, sending prayer and intention while laying coloured grains of sand into a precise design of significant meaning and beauty.  To simply be in their space while they are working is energy beyond description and is only something that can be experienced to be understood.  It is energy beyond physical words.

2022 Lily Dale Healing Temple Healers and Tibetan Monks

This year the Healing Temple ceremony, the blessing of the Healing Temple and the Temple Healers was somewhat different due to Covid.  However, nothing gets in the way of faith and dedication.  Everything went on as normal as possible.  Healers and the Monks were of course masked to protect each other.  You may also notice at the far right of the front row of healers, our very own Healing Spirit Secretary Catherine Mayer!  Catherine gave her very first healing ever in the Lily Dale Healing Temple to one of the Tibetan Monks.  What an amazing experience for a first-time Healing Temple Healing.

Tibetan Monks 2022

These are the Tibetan Monks who visited this summer.  Some of them visit multiple times and others only once depending on their assignments.  Over the years we have all come to have our favourite Monk.  Mine is the second one from the left, in the back row.  His energy is so beautiful.  He is a lovely soul who always wants to please.  He loves trying out his English and what he doesn't know he says with the purest genuine smile with his blessing bow.  I am always, every time like it's a first, in awe and amazement when blessed to be in their presence.

Monks and A Good Game of Basketball

This is a photo from 2018.  It is not the greatest but this is an amazing side of the monks to see, their inner child being allowed to show.  Most Tibetan Monks were once a child being handed over by their families to be raised and no longer be a part of their family.  They are surrendered to the Monastery because they can no longer afford to clothe, feed, educate or shelter their families.  Boys from exceptionally young ages are handed over to the Monastery to be in essence raised to become Monks.  The Monks are known for their quality of education, no child is ever hungry, and they are always clothed and raised with dignity, religion and their culture.  Life as a Monk is considered a very honourable life.  Now the education the Monestgaries are providing for these young growing Monks is so thorough that they go on to college and university.  The education the Monastery provides these young boys is now recognized by the Indian government.  But, as you can see by this picture, there is still that inner child unafraid to come out and have some fun.

Closing Ceremony 2022

This is a picture from their Closing Ceremony in Lily Dale this summer.  Once the mandala is completed, their work in total is complete.  They have a full formal ceremony of music, chanting, drums, bells, symbols and a ceremony of the gathering of the sand.  Yes, the coloured sand that they spend an entire week meticulously placing bit by bit into an astoundingly beautiful mandala is then swept together into a collective pile of sand.

Now many would think "after all that work???"

But, if we take a moment and think of all the energy that they infused into each grain of sand placed into the mandala.  each sound of their chanting, each breath, each of their hands sending healing energy into the sand, their mental intention are all now being combined into one to be sent out into the world.

So it is not being destroyed, it is being made even greater, more powerful.

It is something of beauty that comes to an end, for a new purpose and a new beginning of beauty.

Final Parade

When the Closing Ceremony is complete inside there is more to be done.  They then proceed to go down North Street, the centre street of Lily Dale.  As the Monks parade down the street towards Cassadaga Lake, they play their instruments, and they bless all the homes and people they pass along the way.

Once at the open body of water, the sand is released back to the earth, to nature.

It is released into the open lake, while they chant and play music sending the prayers, blessings, intentions, energies, their breath and work out into the world to be shared.  In the end, when they were finished there is always one or sometimes two Monks who are the group jokers.  This year, at the end of the formalities by the lake, the Monks put their hands up in the air to tell us they are finished.  Then one took off his ceremonial hat and tipped it, waved it to the onlookers and then bowed while laughing.  The only thing that is as joyful as a baby's laugh is a Monk laughing in pure delight.

Our Recent Work

Medicine Buddha Puja with the Drepung Loseling Monks June 6, 2015 MP4

Try to listen to this with headphones on and your eyes closed.  Now imagine this in person.  When the Monks chant you can actually feel it in your body just like if you were at a concert and you could feel the vibration of the music from the sound system.  Their voices alone with a lifetime of training have this incredible effect.

BUDDHIST MONKS! Who Are They and What Do They Do? (Life of a Buddhist Monk Documentary)

This tells you, in a nutshell, a little about the Tibetan Monks.  It is a life of study, religion, discipline and being.