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Healing Fellowship Learning

Dedicated to a lifetime of Spiritualism

Catherine is a member of the Healing Spirit and the Lily Dale Assembly.  She is a Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Medium and is in the process of completing her Ministerial Ordination Program.

Catherine Meyer

Executive Director

Executive Secretary

Cheryl is a member of the Healing Spirit.  Cheryl is in the completion phase of pursuing her Ministerial Ordination.  Cheryl is a Spiritual Healer and Spiritual Medium.

Chery is the congregational contact for the Healing Spirit.

Cheryl Berry

Executive Director

Executive Outreach / Congregational Communication

Karen is a member of the Healing Spirit.  She is a Spiritual Healer and Spiritual Medium.  Karen is our Go-To Executive.  Karen is the support everyone Executive on our board.

Karen Patchett

Executive Director

Executive Trustee

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors come from multiple family traditions, faiths and professions and have so much to offer.

Almost everyone on our board is either an Ordained Spiritualist Minister or a coming up to be an Ordained Spiritualist Minister.

We are a teaching congregation supporting future Student Ministers of Spiritualism.

Our board members give selflessly of their time and never limit their service.

The skills that they bring to the table are provided with great knowledge and confidence.

These are some other the things that our board members do for the Healing Spirit:

Secretarial work

Congregational Fundraising

Congregational members outreach

Community outreach

Society outreach

Hospital visitation

Hospice / Palliative care spiritual support

Officiating of marriages

Lifestages ceremonies

Funeral services

Many are teachers of Spiritual Development

Most are professional Spiritual Mediums

Multiple members of our board are also involved on other boards and committees within the religion of Spiritualism and serve at additional churches and within Spiritual communities.

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