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Healing  Fellowship  Learning

Our Divine Sunday Services are

Every 1st & 3rd Sunday each month

Sunday Zoom Link

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Direct Sign-In:

988 2271 7909

PW:  Healing

Digital Hymnal

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The Principles

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Rev. Randy

Rev. Randy Kerman


Tech. Advisor
Business Structure and Operations


Rev. Tammarishka

Rev. Tammarishka Kerman

Vice President

Website Maintenance
Church Operations
Organization Communications

Contact Rev. Catherine

Rev. Catherine Mayer

Assistant Minister

Board Admin. Assistant
Divine Service Coordinator
Congregational Records
Personal/Location Cleansing


Rev. Cheryl

Rev. Cheryl Berry

Assistant Minister

Outreach/Congregational Contact/Communications
Congregational Outreach
Spiritual Healing

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors comes from multiple family traditions, faiths and professions and has so much to offer.

Almost everyone on our board is either an Ordained Spiritualist Minister or a coming up to be an Ordained Spiritualist Minister.

We are a teaching congregation supporting future Student Ministers of Spiritualism.

Our board members give selflessly of their time and never limit their service.

The skills that they bring to the table are provided with great knowledge and confidence.

These are some other the things that our board members do for the Healing Spirit:

All Board Members are Ordained Spiritualist Ministers

Administrative  Work
Congregational Fundraising
Congregational Outreach
Community Outreach
Hospital visitation
Hospice / Palliative Care  Spiritual Support
Officiating of marriages
Lifestages ceremonies
The teaching of Spiritual Development
Professional Spiritual Mediums

Our Board Members are all involved not only in the business aspect of The Healing Spirit but also in contribution to multiple other Spiritual organizations throughout North America.  They are all dedicated to living Spiritual lives behind the walls of the church.  They are all dedicated to seeking new ways for personal Spiritual improvement as we believe;

We Are The Creators of Our Own Reality through Thought, Word, and Deed

Actions Create Results According to Natural Law


Eternal Progress is Open to Every Soul