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About US

      The Healing Spirit is a nondenominational Spiritualist congregation. In Spiritualism, we believe that the soul and its personality continue in existence beyond physical death. We are spirit beings having a physical experience.

     We believe that communication with spirit is not only possible but in fact natural. Communicating with spirit is something we do as part of our services to prove the continuation of the soul.

     We believe, Spirit does communicate with us here on earth and that this ability to communicate is available to everyone should they choose to embrace it. 

     With the understanding of our principles, the philosophy of Spiritualism, the science, the region and communication with Spirit we hope to bring an understanding, comfort of the knowledge that death is not an end. Death in many ways can also be a beginning.  This knowledge brings answers, comfort, closure and healing to those here in the physical.  Those who may have unanswered questions or concerns regarding their loved ones who have physically transitioned.

     We are eternal spirits. We also have the responsibility for our own eternal progress.

Our Sunday Order of Service

An opening prayer

A few upbeat modern songs

Short meditation

Spiritual Healings

Love offering

A spiritual address pertaining to Spiritualism

Demonstration of mediumship

Closing prayer


Our Sunday services are intended to provide our congregants with what they need to go out and embrace the rest of their week, able to approach life in the most positive and enlightening way.

Sunday Service Zoom Link

Donations are gratefully appreciated.  Please see below.

The Healing Spirit

Spiritualist Community


Administration Office


Monday to Saturday

11:30 am to 9:00 pm



Church Services


All services are virtual

Mailing Address:

The Healing Spirit

101 Adam Street

Cambridge, ON

N3C 2K7

Sunday Service Link