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Healing  Fellowship  Learning

Our Divine Sunday Services are

Every 1st & 3rd Sunday each month

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Direct Sign-In:

988 2271 7909

PW:  Healing

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The Principles

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Our congregation community is all-inclusive.

Everyone is welcome; young, old, in between, LGBTQ, 

We are welcoming and inclusive of all faiths.

If you are drawn to our energy there is a reason and you are meant to be here with us.

We are a non-denominational Congregation.  

Often we will implement into our services prayers, poems, and stories from many other cultures and religions while still staying true to being a non-denominational congregation.

We call ourselves a congregation because that is exactly what we are

People of many faiths, many backgrounds, many lifestyles, and many beliefs have come together in the validation of each other to do the very same thing; become better people in this existence that not only affects ourselves but those around us.

Thus making the world a better place to be in.

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If you are driving in for a Sunday service or to a congregational event

Please check the weather conditions before leaving.

Rev. Jessica Ehrenworth

Sunday February 5, 2023


Rev. Jessica Ehrenworth is a Registered Psychotherapist with a thriving private practice. She has the ability to pull from multiple healing modalities after studying with healers from around the world which allows her to create unique, individualized healing programs for each person she works with. Jessica's mission is to help people transformation their lives in every way possible. 

Healing Spirit Congregation

We would love to have you join us  for our Sunday Divine services


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This Sunday Service

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Our In-Person Divine Sunday Services Location:

318 Guelph St

Georgetown, ON L7G 4B5

This is an interactive Google map of the location and how to get there.